Alexis Boyer

36 y/o, French

I love creating and defining user experience and forming interaction design patterns across, mobile, watch, tv and sensor-based hardware devices.

I like leading the design efforts for a digital product from inception, participating in early concept development and design ideation. I take the complex concept you come with and simplify it to it's essence to end up with the content in a easy to navigate structure. I articulate solutions as well as iterating on them. I incorporate usability and field research findings into the product design. I focus on areas such as user experience design, user interface design, product design, prototyping, videography, animation and motion. When these forces join, we are suddenly able to design a wide array of tools.

I love defining and refining the design process, coaching, mentoring and working with a design team to form a design culture within the organization. I love to work with smart people to build digital products that have a meaningful, positive impact on people's everyday lives.